Monday, September 27, 2004

A view from Jordan

Jordan is considered one of the more "moderate" of the Arab states. And presumably a Jordanian who chooses to play host to an American student would be particularly moderate.

Athena is an American student in Jordan. Here is how her host mother sees things:
Out of the blue, my host mother asks, "Who do you think was behind 9-11?"

And of course I knew she was expecting me to say "Osama bin Laden," so instead I responded, "Khalid Sheikh Mohammed had a lot to do with the operational planning." She gave me a quizzical look so I gave her the, "of course he was one of the top people in Al-Qaida under Bin Laden."

To this she told me that was all a lie and that "the Israelis are behind this, it's all the Israeli Mossad who did this."

...Then she went on to tell me, "the Jews cut open the black Ethiopians and pour their blood in the sewers." Did this woman overdose on too much hummus or something? Then I said, "Do they drink the blood of Arab children too?" (Because I had heard this conspiracy theory). She replies, "I think so yes....

"HAMAS has every right to target everyone in Israel."
What hope is there?