Saturday, October 23, 2004

I've been plagiarized

Michelle Malkin writes about Lawrence O'Donnell coming unhinged on MSNBC during a discussion with Swift Vet John O'Neill.

She makes reference to my earlier post on O'Donnell's contempt for "simple-minded religious people." Unfortunately though, instead of linking to me, she linked to another blog which had was verbatim plagiarized, without credit, from my post a day after I wrote it.

Michelle presumably did not know she was linking to a plagiarized post, and I trust she will correct the error when it is brought to her attention.

I just wrote a note to Michelle, with a copy to Betsy of Betsy's Page explaining the situation. (Note that my original post, as well as Betsy's link to my post, were written a day before the plagiarizer wrote his post.):

From: DavidMblog - at -
Sent: Saturday, October 23, 2004 4:54 PM
To: malkin- at -
Cc: betsynewmark - at -
Subject: You linked to a post verbatim plagiarized from me


I enjoyed your post on Lawrence O'Donnell, and I was particularly interested because I had blogged on the topic last week.

One of the stories to which you link is verbatim plagiarized from my post.

I wrote my post on Oct. 15, and sent an e-mail to Betsy Newmark of "Betsy's Page." Also on Oct. 15, Betsy posted a link to it.

The plagiarized post was written Oct. 16, a day later.

I'd much appreciate it if you would please update your post, and direct the link to me instead of to the plagiarizer.

Also, any help you could give in exposing the plagiarism would be appreciated.

Thank you!

David M

I also tried to leave a comment on the plagiarizer's page asking him to give me full credit. Apparently in his blog, he screens comments before they are posted, so presumably the comment will never get posted. Perhaps though he will take note.


1. Thank you, Betsy, for writing about the plagiarism. Turns out that the plagiarizer had ripped off Betsy, too.

2. Thank you, Michelle Malkin. Michelle has not only redirected the link on her original post, but she also has added a new post about the plagiarism.

3. Turns out the plagiarist is a serial plagiarist.