Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Meta-poll summaries

Here are the latest results of some of the various summaries of electoral polls, with special attention to the three biggest battleground states, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. 270 electoral votes are needed to win.
  • Federal Review: Bush 291, Kerry 247 (fully allocated) or Bush 284, Kerry 221, toss-up 33. (FL and OH to Bush, PA is toss-up leaning toward Kerry.)
  • Election Projection: Bush 274, Kerry 264. (FL and OH to Bush, PA to Kerry.)
  • Real Clear Politics: Bush 227, Kerry 210, toss-up 101. (FL, OH and PA are toss-ups.)
  • Race 2004: Kerry 198, Bush 196, toss-up 144. (FL, OH and PA are toss-ups.)
  • Tripias: Kerry 279, Bush 259. (FL and PA to Kerry, OH to Bush.)
  • MyDD: Kerry 316, Bush 222. (FL, PA and OH to Kerry)
What does all this mean? Got me.