Monday, October 25, 2004

Shameless self-promotion

My work is cited on the editorial page of today's Wall Street Journal.

Harvard professor Ruth R. Wisse discusses being in the "conservative opposition" at Harvard. She writes,
Campus bloggersA blogger computed the percentages of Kerry contributions over Bush: Cornell 93%, Dartmouth 97%, Yale 93%, Brown 89%.
These figures come directly from my post on the topic in July. (For the record, I'm hardly a "campus blogger." I've been out of school for many years, and most of my postings have little to do with campus.)

I'm delighted that Prof. Wisse is disseminating the information, and that she acknowleged the blogosphere. (Though I would have been even more delighted had she credited me.)

Update: Whoooeey--they've linked me! (Apparently pestering pays. Squeaky wheel and all.) And they've taken out the campus blogger bit.