Thursday, November 18, 2004

U.N.: Blame the Jews for anti-Semitism

Today's Opinion Journal carries a notable piece by Prof. Anne Bayefsky. I'll get to the piece in a minute. First a bit on the writer.

I complain about the United Nations. Anne Bayefsky does something about it.

Bayefsky's credentials

Early last year she launched a web site dedicated to improving implementation of U.N. human rights treaty standards, by making such standards--as well as remedial mechanisms--more accessible, especially to the victims of human rights abuse. Since the site's launch early last year, it has reportedly attracted over half a million visitors from 96 countries.

She has a fairly impressive human rights record. As her web site states, Bayefsky is

the recipient of Canada's preeminent human rights research fellowship, the Bora Laskin National Fellowship in Human Rights Research. She is currently a member of the International Law Association Committee on International Human Rights Law and Practice, and Editor-in-Chief of the Series "Refugees and Human Rights," published by Martinus Nijhoff, The Hague.
She is also a senior fellow at Hudson Institute. The list goes on, but enough on her credentials.

The U.N.: Jews are responsible for anti-Semitism

Back to the piece Bayefsky published today. She writes how the U.N. has essentially concluded that Jews bear the responsibilty for anti-Semitism.

How did the U.N. reach said conclusion? Bayefsky documents how the U.N. relied on the advice of various so-called experts with records of espousing anti-Semitic (or nearly so) ideas. One advisor on the topic was denied a U.S. visa either because of espousing or endorsing terrorist activity or because of being considered a public safety risk or national security threat. For details, read the article.

Bayefsky concludes,
Another day, another U.N. meeting, another U.N. report, and another serious step backward in combating anti-Semitism.

And don't forget, another American taxpayer dollar.

Pathetic stuff. The U.N., that is, not the article.

Further reading (by Bayefsky)

Bayefsky knows whereof she speaks. For readers interested the U.N.'s approach to Israel and its attitude towards Jews and anti-Semitism, you may want to check out these recent articles, all by Bayefsky: