Monday, June 13, 2005

Will Collier on Navsky/CJR

VodkaPundit's Will Collier comments on the CJR/Navasky story in a post entitled "Oh, That Liberal Media Watch Lapdog":

Let's review, shall we?

The self-appointed "watchdog of the press in all its forms" hires, at least a year ago, the long-time director of a radical left-wing magazine to run its operations. Said watchdog doesn't announce this hiring, or disclose the presence of the hard-left publisher until he's outed by a blogger (or "drooling moron," in CJR's preferred parlance) at the end of last month.

CJR continued to stonewall on admitting to the hiring in its own pages for ten days, and gave no reason to believe that it would have revealed the presence of former Nation publisher Victor Navasky at the top of its organization if a blogger hadn't sniffed him out.

And Collier's critique gets yet harsher in the paragraphs that follow.

Update: VodkaPundit commenter Richare McEnroe: "Hey, be fair, everyone at Mother Jones and AdBusters was too busy to take on the job..."