Thursday, December 22, 2005

Union for Reform Judaism and Iraq

A round-up of some sentiments on the URJ resolution against the Iraq War:
  • Rabbi Marc Gellman:
    Historical Blindness
    The Union of Reform Judaism’s vote to oppose the war in Iraq was a mistake and embarrassment for my movement.

    The movement of which I am a member has just voted against a war that I support. This vote by the Union of Reform Judaism was the first vote by a major national Jewish organization or religious movement opposing the war in Iraq.

    This war was and is being fought for American reasons, not Jewish reasons. However, to see this war that toppled one of Israel's fiercest enemies—an anti-Semitic dictator who sent $25,000 to the families of every jihadist who had been able to kill and maim Israeli children and other innocents—opposed by Jews is more than an act of ingratitude to this country and this president. This vote was an act of stunning and incomprehensible historical blindness.
  • Mona Charen:
    Jewish useful idiots

    Apparently eager to disprove the Jewish reputation for intelligence, the Union for Reform Judaism recently adopted a resolution condemning the Iraq War and demanding that President Bush provide "a clear exit strategy," including a plan for troop withdrawals.
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  • Rabbi Mark Ankcorn

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