Friday, March 24, 2006

The Boundary Waters and Sigurd Olson for credit?

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If you cannot read the flyer, here is what it says:
THE WAY OF A CANOE: Paddle, Portage, and Study of the Life of a Legendary Wilderness Advocate
(Taught in the Minnesota Wilderness)
[Colorado College] EV260/HS 202, BLOCK A, JUNE 5 - JUNE 23, 2006

Study the life, writings, and philosphy of Sigurd F. Olson - perhaps the most compelling and articulate wilderness advocate of the last century.

Read Olson’s best-selling books and meet with scholars, environmentalists, and others who knew him well.

Take a ten-day canoe trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Minnesota - paddle and portage amongst the very lakes that Olson loved.

Around the campfire, delve into Olson’s philosophical musings, study his role as a conservationist, and try your hand at the type of nature writing which Olson pioneered.

Participate in a volunteer trail maintenance project in conjunction with the US Forest Service.

No camping experience necessary.
For more information, e-mail the instructor or click on the logo below to visit the Colorado College course listing.

Disclosure: The instructor's a relative.