Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shameless self promotion

I've got to start carrying myself with a far more august and intellectual bearing.

This blog has been cited in a real live academic paper by real live paper-writing academic types (namely, by Dina Mayzlin, associate marketing professor at the Yale School of Management; et al). The citation is right there in all its glory. Well, actually, it's in teeny tiny print at the end of footnote 7 at the bottom of page 10. But hey, you take what you can get. Here's the citation in toto:
7 For example, one irate blogger complained in his blog about a discovery that he had been plagiarized, “I recently lost out on a boatload of potential new readers because a blogger plagiarized my work verbatim. A high-traffic blogger (Michelle Malkin) then unwittingly linked to the plagiarist's blog instead of mine, and I missed out on all the traffic that came before I found the mistake and asked Michelle to fix the link.”

The paper is called "Link to Success: How Blogs Build an Audience by Promoting Rivals," and you can read the whole thing at this link. The paper must be a good one, because it contains lots of stuff that makes no sense whatsoever to a layman like me. Like this:
The sufficient condition for this equilibrium to hold is: V(u,u) − V(u,n) > V(u,d) − V(n,n)

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