Monday, October 25, 2004


There is a blog term for the massive boost in traffic a blog receives shortly after a link from mega-blog Instapundit: "insta-lanche."

Last night Glenn Reynolds--Instapundit's blogger-in-chief--temporarily handed the keyboard over to several other bloggers, Ann Althouse of Althouse, Megan McArdle of Asymmetrical Information and Michael Totten of MichaelTotten.

This gives these three guest bloggers an easy opportunity to send some traffic back home. Two of the three have taken the bait. Would you?

The score so far:
  • It took Megan one post to link to her own blog.
  • Ann held out until her ninth post (10 hours and 23 minutes after her first post)
  • And Michael has posted seven times with nary an auto-insta-lanche in sight. (C'mon Michael, you've earned it. And everyone else is doing it...)
Any guesses how long, if ever, until Michael caves?

Update: Looks Michael held out until his eighteenth post.

In fairness to these guys, bloggers--even Glenn Reynolds--routinely link to their work elsewhere. If I had any online work elsewhere to which to link, I would.