Tuesday, October 26, 2004

MSNBC on O'Donnell: This will not happen again

Here is the statement from MSNBC (read on-air by Pat Buchanan) regarding Lawrence O'Donnell's on-air outrage which would have had him expelled from any high-school debate:
On Friday evening, we discussed the latest swift boat ad with “Unfit For Command” author John O‘Neill and MSNBC senior political analyst Lawrence O‘Donnell.

As you know, we often have heated discussions on SCARBOROUGH COUNTRY.

And we welcome a vigorous, but respectful exchange of ideas and debate. Lawrence O‘Donnell is and has been a valued contributor. However, the manner in which he expressed his disagreement crossed a line. MSNBC believes he was disrespectful to you, the viewer, and that his insults did nothing to forward the debate or the understanding of a very critical issue.

We have spoken to Lawrence O‘Donnell, and he agrees. We can assure you that this will not happen again on this program.