Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Betting on the election

Why am I putting such emphasis on Tradesports.com, the online betting site? Because it is the best way to for me to make sense of the election.

There are many polls out there, and I cannot make any sense of them. Depending on which poll you believe, the battleground states could go either way and the election could go either way.

But with Tradesports, people are risking money on the results of the election. They should be incorporating (and discounting) all relevant information including the polls, momentum, bias and anything else of interest. And so I will continue to follow Tradesports throughout the day to see how the election is going. For (irregular) updates to the odds according to Tradesports, scroll down to my prior post or click here.

(Note that people are risking money on the election via the Iowa Electronic Markets, too, but in the Iowa case people are betting on the popular vote, not the electoral vote.)

For various sites with polling data, look at the right column of this blog and scroll down to the heading, "Election Polls and Sites."